Day 32


  • The new floor is insulated.
  • The new floor is built up to the right height.
  • The kitchen door has been widened.
  • The kitchen window has been lifted up.
  • The new circuit board is in place.
  • And Thursday we’re going to look at cabinets.

So things are definitely coming along.

That being said, this morning we realized that our electrician unhooked our hot water, so now we’ve officially been plunged into the pre-industrialized world. My husband took a freezing cold shower anyway. I’m more likely to either just be dirty or build a fire in the back yard to heat water for a bath (remember we have no stove or I could do it there), but the kids are a different story. I think we’re going to go to a friend’s house this afternoon to have a bath party.

It’s always an adventure when you remodel.


The door and window I mentioned are on the other side of the room. This window will soon be opened up and this doorway widened too.

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